Why Not Getting Your Own Domain Name?

Your domain name represents your business to customers who search for the service or services you sell on your site and in the eyes of search engines. So, is picking the right domain for your business crucial? It is a fact. I’m hoping to introduce you about the key elements in establishing and owning the domain name.

What is a Domain Name?

What is what is a Domain Name? Your website is assigned a unique address known as an IP. The domain name is your IP address using an standard naming convention. It’s more simple to recall names instead of an array of numbers.

The Creation of a Domain Name

A lot of people who are new to Internet and to Internet Business, do not know the significance of having a Domain Name, they just believe they can come up with any imaginative name and then people will find it. If you’re lucky enough, that could be the case but in reality your imagination should be based on the following suggestions:

When creating a domain it is important to be aware of the following suggestions:

1. If you can choose a “.com” extension. This is the most popular and easy to remember for people. In my situation, no .com could be found, and I decided to go for .biz. Because I’m in the business of affiliate marketing I felt that it would be perfect for my requirements.

2. The domain name itself Use dashes and not numerals. It can be difficult for people to recall, except if it’s essential to the overall theme of your website.

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3. Make your name as concise as you can — the shorter the description and naming of your site will make it easier for visitors to remember the website’s name and that’s what you’re looking for.

Security of Your Domain Name

When you’ve got your domain name and your site is growing it is important to protect your domain.

How can you safeguard your domain name? When the year the registrar will email you a notification that your domain’s name is set to expire. Perhaps you’re thinking that they simply want to get your money and they’ll keep it until the date when it’s due to take your money!

However, I wouldn’t recommend this. There’s a legitimate method known as “drop taking”which can quickly ruin all your effort in one moment.

Drop catching

Drop-catching is a legal procedure through which individuals can swiftly get domain names that have expired and use the URL to create a site comprised of ads — or better yet, sell them and make money from your hard-earned traffic.

Therefore, it is important to not wait until the very last minute to make payment for your registration. It is not a good idea to login to your website only to discover an error or discover that you’re no longer operating.

The rules of ICANN (Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers) allows domain registrars 45 days following the date of expiration to inform the owner of their website that their domain will be deleted off the registry. After 45 days you are given a 30-day grace period. Then your domain name is available to grab. But ..

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Some domain companies have set up an auction procedure for names that have expired like GoDaddy.com which begins the auction process for domain names as soon as of 30 days from the expiration date to potential buyers.

But, GoDaddy.com does state to buyers who are interested in participating in the auction process in the auction process, that owners have the option of claiming their domain name.

What’s in the name? In the case of a domain you could have your online future. Make sure you choose the right domain name and safeguard what you’ve worked hard for, or worked for to establish a successful online business.


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