Where Can You Edit Videos On TikTok?

Where to edit tiktok videos – You’ve heard of TikTok the extremely popular social network that allows users to make and share videos perhaps with a bit of dancing and song, and lip-syncing.

How do they make enjoyable videos? Although TikTok’s built-in editing tools are very robust but sometimes, for your videos to truly sparkle, you’ll need more.

Do not be worried. In this post we’ll demonstrate how to make use of the built-in video editing tools on TikTok however, we’re not going to end there. In addition, we’ll provide our suggestions for the top TikTok video editing applications so that you can select the applications you’ll need to boost the quality of your videos.

Are you ready to improve your TikTok posts? Let’s begin by taking a look at TikTok’s video editing tools.

How to use TikTok’s built-in Video Editing Tools

The built-in video editing tools of TikTok aren’t very sophisticated however it doesn’t mean that they’re not sufficient to boost the quality of 15-60 seconds of videos you can create using TikTok.

  • To start an entirely new video, simply click the plus symbol which is located at the bottom of the home screen of the app.
  • Then, click on the button to record

This is how simple it is to make your own designs on Tiktok.

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Are you looking to add song and audio effects to your videos?

  • Click on the sound on the upper right-hand side of your screen for recording.
  • You can also alter the playback speed of the video and also apply filters or effects.

After you’ve made the TikTok video, you’ll have the option to include stickers, filters, sounds or voice effects, sounds as well as a text layer.

But it doesn’t stop there.

TikTok’s built-in tool for editing videos to cut the length of the video, or alter to the level of original music or sound.

These tools alone should be sufficient for the majority of TikTok users.

For the most effective, entertaining TikTok videos, however, you can make use of making use the additional TikTok video editing application to make the TikTok video that has a little more polished or production value.

Once you’ve got your TikTok video modified to your taste it’s simple to put it uploaded to the platform.

  • Simply click the upload button, which is located in the lower right corner of TikTok’s Video Shooting page.
  • The upload feature allows you to connect to another outside TikTok video editing program which gives you additional tools.
  • After uploading and editing, you can continue adding an explanation of the video and give your followers the choice to make duets or allow comments and reactions.

If this is your first time using TikTok it is recommended to check out this article on how to make use of TikTok. It will show you how to set up the TikTok account, as well as how to utilize TikTok for challenges as well as duets and others.

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So, which are the top TikTok video editing tools that you can use when you’re moving away from the platform? In this article, we’ll share 5 of our most-loved TikTok video editing tools that you can make stunning TikTok videos that are sure to draw and delight viewers.

This will allow you to make an educated decision on which TikTok video editing software you should use to make the most effective TikTok videos you can.

5 TikTok video editing tools

1. BeeCut

Download from:

Google Play
Apple’s App Store

BeeCut is a completely free comprehensive TikTok video editing program made for beginners. You can improve your TikTok videos by applying filters such as cropping, cutting moving, transitions, a picture-in-picture effect and much more.

BeeCut is a simple and user-friendly interface. you can make a distinctive and beautiful video in only one or two clicks. It is compatible with five aspect ratios, including portrait (9:16) widescreen (16:9) and rectangular (1:1), TaoBao (3:4) and regular (4:3).

2. ViaMaker

Download from:

Google Play
Apple’s App Store

Viamaker is a brand-new TikTok video editing app developed by Bytedance (the firm that offered our TikTok in the beginning). It’s a completely free video editing software that can help users create stunning videos.

In the short time that Viamaker has been available, it’s racked up more than 6,000 reviews on the Google Play Store alone–overwhelmingly 5-star reviews, giving Viamaker a 4.5-stars rating.

Although the app doesn’t stand some of the sought-after features, like the green-coloured screen evident that Bytedance has brought out the big guns in the TikTok video editing application.

3. Quik

Download the file on:

Google Play
Apple’s App Store

Quik is a different alternative to the free TikTok video editing application. You can pick from 23 different video styles and personalize video content by adding Emojis, frames, text trimming videos and much more. You can also add effects such as slow-motion or fast-motion motion.

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Quik also provides the support of multilingual languages to English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic as well as Simplified Chinese.

4. InShot

Download from:

Google Play
Apple’s App Store

InShot is a completely free HD editing software and maker that comes with amazing features such as cut and trims videos, blur backgrounds effects, music and much more. InShot is among the top choices for editing and processing videos to share with social networks.

You can pick from a variety of visual and audio effects, or you can even upload your own tunes.

InShot does not include an integrated library of songs that are royalty-free which is essential when you don’t own the rights to a song that you would like to incorporate into your video. Furthermore, all the videos made using the free version have watermarks.

5. Zoomerang

Download from:

Google Play
Apple’s App Store

Zoomerang is a basic TikTok video editing program that is ideal for those who are just beginning. It has simple step-by-step in-app tutorials. You can also view the most popular TikTok videos and then learn how to make them for yourself.

The app also comes with video editing tools such as filters, effects music, and much more.

A subscription to a pro account will give you ad-free access as well as access to more features like video effects, and tools.


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