What Is The Reason My Payment Was Declined On Crypto.com [Updated]

My credit cards are getting declined by Crypto com?

If there aren’t enough funds in your account with the bank issuer, the system won’t be able to allow the payment. Every transaction that is made using a fiat card requires you to have sufficient funds in your account.

If not the card will be denied. A tip: make a payment to Crypto.com by using a credit card or bank account if you want.

To buy crypto and CRO on the Crypto.com App using my credit/debit card: Click the Trade button Then Buy, and then select CRO or your crypto of choice to buy.

You can add your credit/debit card to the next screen this, and you will be able to create an encrypted connection into our secure payment gateway.

But, you are able to send a message to receive assistance regarding this problem. Follow the instructions on screen in entering the details of your card such as your card’s number, the name of your card, the expiration date and the CVV code that is located on the back of the card.

Verifying your card

To verify your credit card A very small sum in the amount of $0.10 SGD or the local equivalent will be held temporarily for up to 7 days . If you will not be charged. Please confirm the transaction to finish the procedure.

After you have completed the transaction, go back to your crypto wallet or CRO on the Accounts tab, click the Buy button, input the amount you want and then select your debit or credit card as the payment method.

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Verify the transaction using your fingerprint or passcode, then the payment will be completed.

If you have any issues regarding your purchase If you have any issues with your purchase, please contact the Support Team via the in-app chat. It is possible to give the date, time and the approximate value of the transaction. Please keep these details handy.

Be sure to not divulge any sensitive information about your credit or debit card, unless for the bank that issued it, such as name and country can be asked for.

To purchase crypto or replenish you Crypto.com wallet, make sure you consult your bank how to make online international payments on your account.

If your credit card is allowed to be used online and your transactions continue to failing, you should verify the acceptable usage policy.


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