What Is The Reason Facebook Has Disabled My Account?

Why facebook disabled my account – As if Facebook did not have enough issues to worry about, it could face a growing customer service issue on its hands.

Facebook users who have their accounts removed–some for good reasons, others do not — are increasingly dissatisfied by Facebook’s incomprehensibleness when trying to determine what they’ve committed a mistake.

The users discover that their accounts are blocked which means access to the website as well as all their information is sometimes denied without even an alert.

Facebook’s customer support representatives can only be reached by email and are, as you can imagine, overloaded appear to not be very responsive.

Because Facebook does not do a good job at communicating with its customers and users, they are more often talking to one another. The discontented (former) users are turning to other sites on the Web to vent their frustrations in a group.

Here’s a quote from the Facebook policies:

We block Facebook accounts that do not conform to the Facebook Terms and Conditions. Some examples include:

  • Content that is posted that doesn’t comply with rules of Facebook Terms.
  • Utilizing the fake name.
  • Impersonating the person you are impersonating.
  • Continued behavior that isn’t allowed in any way on Facebook and is in violation of the Community Standards.
  • Contacting others for purposes of harassment advertising, promotion, or other activities that aren’t permitted.
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What should I do when my account has been blocked?

If you believe the account you have been using was shut down because of a mistake, fill out this form to request a review.

Keep in mind that in certain situations we may not give an alert prior to disabling your account. Also, we are unable to reinstate accounts that were shut down for serious violations. Find out more about how Facebook define severe violations by reading Facebook’s Facebook Community Standards.

If you did not in violation of Facebook’s community policy and If you’re not in violation, you can simply file an appeal to regain your account from being disabled. If you submit details about your identity, your username, your identity and a reason for your request on your form Facebook determines whether they will restore your account.


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