What is Facebook Marketplace?

What is Facebook Marketplace – The retail industry is becoming increasingly omnichannel and offers many opportunities to sell various locations, Facebook Marketplace gives brands the chance to profit from the existing interactions on Facebook.

Facebook is an essential platform for companies looking to sell their products to specific audiences.

The Marketplace was initially just a peer-to-peer online marketplace for purchases, Facebook Marketplace has expanded to include selling by merchants.

What is the reason behind Facebook Marketplace?

As of October there were more than 800 million people worldwide are using Marketplace every month to shop, purchase or sell items offering retailers the opportunity to boost sales and discovery of essential products at a time when their customers are already purchasing.

It’s wonderful to offer exciting fashion-forward items however, reliable e-commerce bestsellers are often a bit beneath the radar. Facebook Marketplace is an excellent location to sell household items such as furniture, cleaning products glasses, books, and other household items. The market will never stop growing in a need for these types of items.

Who is eligible to use Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is currently accessible for Android as well as iPhone users of 18+ in the UK as well as Australia, the US, New Zealand and Australia. Anyone who meets this description is able to purchase, sell, and trade items on Facebook Marketplace.

Access to a desktop version as well as access to other countries are planned for an undetermined date “in the next few months” and an entry point to Facebook Marketplace for businesses is widely speculated.

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What’s the way Facebook Marketplace fit in to the marketplace online scene?

Facebook Marketplace possesses the potential to compete with the likes of Gumtree, ebay and Amazon Marketplace as a platform for small-scale business.

Groups for buying and selling on Facebook are visited by more than 350 million users every month across the world. With the move of a large portion of this activity onto an online marketplace Facebook can better control, monitor and possibly profit from the potential.


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