What is a Domain Name? A Beginner’s Guide to Domain Names

A domain is an area under control or a field of knowledge. 1.) In telecommunications and computing in general, a “domain” is a field of knowledge which is identified by the name. The knowledge typically is a collection of data about a particular program entity or a set of network addresses or points.

When talking about the Internet number or address, the term “domain” domain name refers to the location of a web site. For instance”google.com” is a domain “google.com” refers to an internet address “216.58. 216.164”.

In general, it’s simpler to keep a specific name in mind than a number of numbers

The domain name is the title given to an online site, URL is the way to locate the website and a website is what people view and interact with once they arrive at. Also when you purchase an domain, you’ve bought the domain name for your website, however you must still build the site itself.


You can register a domain through an registrar of domain name services. The domain name industry is controlled and monitored by ICANN the organisation that is responsible for establishing guidelines and procedures for certifying organizations to be domain name registration companies.

Registration of Domain Names has increased throughout the decades. Network Solutions was the first domain name registrar ever to offer such a service. It was a decade ago, but there are now numerous accredited registrars. Only the domain name registrars are authorized to modify and access databases master domain names located on InterNIC servers. The cost is decided by the registrar insofar as the acquisition of a domain and certain registers offer package for domain names.

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Do You Actually Need A Domain Name?

A domain name is used to establish a brand appearance through the World Wide Web and domain names are also used to promote brands like Wal-Mart, K-Mart or K-Mart, for example.
When selecting a domain it is important that the domain name doesn’t diverge away from what your business is about. This allows you to advertise your site as an affiliate of your company and include your domain’s name on advertisements and business cards.

After you’ve chosen the domain name you want to use then you must sign up with an registrar of domain names. This is an activity that is easy to complete. A lot of ISPs offer a package which includes hosting and registration of your domain name on behalf of you.

The cost will likely include a one-time cost for the setup and all the technical backend work to be done. Pay your service provider either a semi-annual, monthly or annual fee for web hosting services for your website.

How much does it cost to own the domain name?

A domain name could cost anywhere from $1 to $30 per calendar year based on the specials or discounts. Domain extensions that are newer like . app, could be higher on this scale (or over it) since they’ve only recently come to market.

If a domain cannot be renewed on time the domain is put up to auction and anyone is able to buy it. If it is lost the domain could end up being held as a ransom and you will have to pay the owner of the domain an enormous amount of money to have it back. Domains that are worth it could be taken over in the millions.

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The theft of domain names occurs after you’ve paid to renew names that are due to expire and it’s taken away. It’s a sign that a skilled domain thief is able gain access to your domain name registrar’s account.

A lot of domain registrars have professional online tools that can assist you in getting the domain you want and your hosting website up and up and.


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