Website Hosting Cost, What Is The Amount You Need To Pay?

Website Hosting Cost – What will it cost to host a site? Shared hosting (the least expensive type) costs $2.49 between $13.95/month, and dedicated website hosting (the most expensive type) costs between $80 and $506 per month.

However, there are lots of possibilities. There are varieties of types of hosting available and a variety of elements that are at work. We’ll examine the costs and features of all five most well-known kinds of hosting in greater detail.

Web Hosting Costs explained.

Every hosting company offers a variety of pricing plans, which can appear daunting initially.

In the simplest terms, shared web hosting is usually the most affordable kind (ranging in price between $2.49 $15 and $2.49 per month). In contrast, dedicated hosting tends to be more expensive, ranging between $80-and $730 monthly.

We are aware that there are numerous variables to consider in web hosting price. This guide will help you to understand:

  • What kind of hosting do you require?
  • How much will this hosting cost?
  • The most affordable providers available
  • Extra costs you may come across.

Look over the prices you can expect for each kind of web hosting listed below.

Shared Hosting

Price Starting at $1.99/month

This is the basic level of web hosting. If you own a small traffic website, static pages, or you have a WordPress blog, it is the right choice.

Shared hosting is usually the least expensive type to get web hosting. Still, it’s also the most fragile since your website is just one of many websites sharing resources of one server.

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VPS Hosting

Price Starting: $3.95/month

VPS hosting, or virtual private server, also called VPS hosting, is the next level over shared hosting. The main distinction is that it appears like you’re operating the server yourself to the naked eye. However, your site is just one of the websites that share a single server. However, there are fewer sites that share resources, so the performance of your website should be more efficient.

Hosts Dedicated

The price starts at $89.98/month.

When you use dedicated hosting, you’re responsible for your server. They are generally priced by how strong your server is and whether the web hosting provider handles the service or if the company handles it internally. Some dedicated hosting companies have managed services. However, specific offer managed services.

Cloud Hosting

Price Starting at $4,99/month

There has been a lot of buzz going on regarding “the cloud,” an obscure term used to refer to online services such as Dropbox and OneDrive. It means a collection of servers working together to ensure that the web service doesn’t go down (or often goes down). 

Cloud hosting is a set of servers that work together to ensure that your website functions. If one server is down and another takes over the gaps, the cycle continues. It’s not surprising that cloud hosting isn’t inexpensive – however, if you’re not able to afford one or two hours of downtime, it could be the best choice for you.

WordPress Hosting

Cost Starting At: $20/month

Before we get started with the basics, let’s clarify that you can manage your WordPress website on almost all web hosting providers. Managed WordPress hosting isn’t just about running an actual WordPress website in itself – it’s about getting a hosting service specifically designed to meet the demands of WordPress websites. 

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This includes essential features such as 24/7 support and automatic backups and other features you might not receive with standard shared hosting.

This is the summary of all the web hosting options. Before we dive into the details of web hosting prices, bear in mind that when the features of your web hosting plan grow in features, the plan will typically rise in price.


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