Vultr Accepting Crypto For Payment

Vultr is now accepting Bitcoin to pay for Cloud hosting. Create a high-performance SSD service in 14 countries across the globe with Crypto BTC as payment.

Paying for your Vultr?

What are the charges for my services? The servers you have on your account are charged at an hourly rate until the limit of the monthly rate. Hourly rates are calculated by dividing months by the number of hours (28 days). If your web server remains operational for longer than 672 hours in a month, that is a calendar month, and you’ll only be charged at the monthly rate.

Vultr: A Quick Overview

Are you searching for an international cloud hosting service that has warp-10 speed SSD VPS servers that feature 100 percent KVM Virtualization?

Vultr offers the highest-performance SSD cloud servers that have a global reach. Its mission is to build one of the best and most effective services to create blisteringly speedy SSD cloud servers.

Vultr provides solid-state drives that are 100% solid (SSD) made with the most recent generation Intel CPUs and an extensive control panel. You can choose from 14 locations with low latency worldwide and have the cloud server instance set up in just 60 minutes.

The most affordable cloud hosting plan from Vultr costs 5.00 each month. Join Vultr, and they’ll charge you 5 dollars to the account to try their cloud hosting service!

Is Vultr safe?

Vultr offers a cloud-based firewall that can be configured to secure one or more computing instances. Installing cloud firewalls for your servers is an essential security measure to avoid accessing your application’s services online.

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Who is the owner of Vultr?

David Aninowsky – “Customers Love Our Product because We Listen to their every comment,” Shares David Aninowsky as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Vultr. In just two months, Vultr has become the most popular option for low-cost Cloud Infrastructure. With 14 locations around the world, Vultr wants to become a Coca-Cola of Cloud.

Vultr is both a controller of data and a data processor. Vultr is the data controller for customer data that we collect to handle payments and offer customer support. If a customer uses our services to handle personal information, Vultr acts as a data processor.


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