The Best Web Hosting Service For Membership Sites

Best Web Hosting Service For Membership Sites – A members-only section on your website is an excellent way to reward your community of loyal members and reward users with exclusive access to information, updates, and many more!

Do you want to develop your website that provides members exclusive benefits and gain access to an exclusive network?

If you answered “yes, please!” Then you’re in the right spot. We’ll go over our top five web builders to build a membership-based website and examine how they compare concerning ease of access and design, features, and the value they offer.

If you’re offering online classes or exclusive access to never-before-seen content, making a membership site is a fantastic method to generate recurring income and increase customer loyalty.

What Is a Membership Website?

Before we dive into the steps to build one, let’s get back to the basics to talk briefly about what a membership site is actually. A membership site is a private component of your website which provides access to exclusive content for members only.

What’s the difference between a subscription and a membership website?

A subscription site requires its users to sign an agreement for financial services with the site to access its services and content. Consider Netflix, for instance. It’s impossible to watch the entire collection of binge-worthy TV shows as well as classic movies without having to pay a monthly cost.

Alternatively, membership websites don’t necessarily require payment. Instead, members can sign up using an email address and receive benefits, newsletters, and anything else they want to add.

Do membership sites earn money?

A membership website can be very profitable; however, it is only possible to join. There are numerous methods to promote a website. The first step is to identify your ideal customer and locate them.

In the next step, you have to discover ways to lure users to join your membership website

  • What should a site for membership comprise?
  • Written content such as videos or blogs.
  • Online courses.
  • Live webinars.
  • Members can enjoy perks such as digital items or physical items.
  • A forum or community section that allows members to interact with one another.
  • Your archives of content.
  • Exclusive downloads such as templates, worksheets, and worksheets.
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5 Best Membership Website Builders

1. Squarespace

Like Wix, Squarespace Members Area is a part of your website which gives paid or signed-up users of the community access to premium content.

The members-only feature of Squarespace can be integrated into your Squarespace website for a fee of $9 per year. Suppose you decide to set up your Squarespace site at the normal price that is $12/month. In that case, it will make the cost of running an online premium community around $ 21 per month.

Squarespace provides three kinds of memberships you can assign to users based on the content you’d like them to access:

  • One-Time Membership- This is the time when customers make one payment to gain lifetime access to exclusive content
  • Recurring Membership: Customers pay regular monthly or annual payments (like an annual subscription) to gain access to content. When the payments stop, access to the content is taken away from their account.
  • Free Membership – Members don’t have to be financially committed to any commitment. Simply a simple email sign-up allows them to access the top products!

2. Wix

The user-friendly, drag-and-drop editor of Wix allows it to be a perfect choice for building nearly any type of website. In this instance, it’s also the simplest web builder that lets you add an exclusive members-only section on your website.

As you’re making your Wix site, click on the toolbar on the left side of the editor, and select ‘Add Apps.’ This will open an array of applications that you can put on your website.

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The Wix Members Area tool gives you access to login bars and user profiles. Every member will have an individual page that holds account information redemption rewards, as well as any other exclusive content you’ve granted access to.


Best for Membership Plugins. This platform lets you create a membership website using third-party plugins, such as Simple Membership and Ultimate Member.

These plugins are accessible for download and create content for members only. You can charge for or sell to users at no additional cost.

A popular plugin to create a membership website using can be Members from MemberPress. The plugin enables you to have complete control over each member’s rights. For instance, a subscribed member for the entire year will have access to more protected content than someone whose subscription-only runs for one month.

Be aware that the MemberPress plugin comes with the option of a premium version, which costs about $150 per one-year, should want to extend the features that the free version offers. It’s crucial to think about the level of detail you would like your website to be and the extent to which you need additional features, such as unique access to gain access to content.

4. GoDaddy

Ideal for Creating a Quick Members Feature. The membership builder from GoDaddy is an easier process than other web builders there.

Like the other platforms for email marketing, GoDaddy requires you to include individual users to your website or upload an existing list of people who have given their consent to be previously contacted.

It is only possible to add users to your website after making at minimum an individual private webpage. Private pages could be any page of your site other than the homepage. They will only be accessible to users.

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5. Weebly

Best for Building a Simple Membership Website. Similar to Squarespace, Weebly offers an easy way to incorporate a member-only area on any website after you’ve entered the editor. Go to the tab ‘Settings’ on the menu at the top, and you’ll be able to navigate to the Members page from there.

One of the biggest concerns we encountered when using Weebly in creating an example membership site was that membership features are only available on paid plans, which means that upgrading your website is required. It is also necessary to maintain your site’s upgrade when users grow.

Any membership that exceeds 100 is required to use one of the two business plans that cost $24 or the equivalent of $38 per month. If we’re honest, it’s a rather expensive method of building an exclusive community!

Each of these web builders comes with various options to make it easier to create a fantastic membership website.

If you’re making the most of your member-only areas and would like to engage with members via forms or online classes, we’d suggest making use of Wix. Suppose you’re looking to improve the look of your website. In that case, Squarespace is a beautiful alternative that doesn’t hinder a positive experience for members.


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