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Modifying Domain Name? This is the Best Way!

Changing Domain Name

Accept that there will come instances when you must modify your domain name. Changes in domain names are not at all a rare scenario, but it is a situation is a common occurrence. A lot of people were changing domain names to meet certain requirements and, along with this, many …

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Why Not Getting Your Own Domain Name?

Why Not Getting Your Own Domain Name

Your domain name represents your business to customers who search for the service or services you sell on your site and in the eyes of search engines. So, is picking the right domain for your business crucial? It is a fact. I’m hoping to introduce you about the key elements …

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How Do Domain Names Effect SEO Ranking

Domain Names and SEO Ranking

Domains are term that indicates IP addresses in the internet. A domain like Yahoo.com corresponds to around 15 (15) IP addresses. Domain names serve for identification of Web pages. For example, in the URL http://www.yourname.com/index.html, the domain name is yourname.com. The domain name is registered through registering with an registrar …

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