Modifying Domain Name? This is the Best Way!

Accept that there will come instances when you must modify your domain name. Changes in domain names are not at all a rare scenario, but it is a situation is a common occurrence. A lot of people were changing domain names to meet certain requirements and, along with this, many were having issues.

The procedure that involves modifying the domain’s name according to some experts, can be long and time-consuming.

The potential for making a mistake is massive. Each issue has its own solution, isn’t it? This is why a relatively simple and secure alternative for a smooth , seamless transition to changing domain names is achieved with the help of mod_rewrite function and the .htaccess file.

What is mod_rewrite and .htaccess file?

According to some studies it is believed that a mod_rewrite when it becomes essential to change DNS names, can be described as an Apache module that provides the option of rewriting of URL.

Many have regarded this technique for changing domain names to be transparent to the end-user , and consequently requires no additional software from the end-user’s side.

When changing name domains, the person who uses the mod_rewrite feature in the process of changing their domain name will view the domain name of the previous one in their browser’s address bar at the beginning of each page they visit, however, after that, they will usually see the contents under that new name. Utilizing the mod_rewrite feature in changing domain names, you will also give you a user-friendly search engine.

However the .htaccess file can play a part when it comes to changing the domain name, it contains specific Apache directives that are specific to certain requests, such as security, redirection and security issues and the solutions to address certain issues.

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The role that is contained in the .htaccess file is essential when it comes to changing domain names due to the reason that Apache which it contains is a widely used web server, which facilitates to make it easy and smooth to change domain name.

In order to understand the pros and cons of these two tools is important. It is important to remember that before doing anything, you must be aware of the issues surrounding changes to the domain name.

This is essential in order to make smoother transition. According to some experts who advise change of domain name, the most essential step is to examine the hosting provider to confirm they are compatible with mod_rewrite, or else the procedure won’t perform.

It is then that you have to enable the newly registered domain. It’s just important to ensure that the file’s base construction and name is identical to in the past under the previous domain name.

Following that, you will make the .htaccess file. It’s important to note this: the .htaccess file can be used to change domain names is possible using a text editor such as the notepad. It must be not forgotten that the file is no tail extension.

The name must be .htaccess. If it is done in this way, the syntax must be added. Make sure to be aware that when you change name domains, your previous domain name will remain in the browser’s window, but you are viewing the contents associated with the brand new.

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Of course , there are some guidelines to change domain names however, this is out of the scope of this article.


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