Kucoin Vs. Crypto.Com Which Exchange should You Choose?

Kucoin Vs. Crypto.ComKucoin, as well as Crypto.com, is among the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in Singapore. In this article, we’ll be comparing both of them against each other so that you can determine which one is best for you.

The significant distinction between these two exchanges is their security. Kucoin is committed to protecting its clients.

They provide outstanding customer service and an extensive range of cryptocurrencies that make it one of our favorite exchanges.

KuCoin is an exchange based in Singapore and was established in Hong Kong in 2017. Its primary objective was to provide its customers with the security and simplicity of a crypto exchange that could be accessible all over the world.

KuCoin can say that they have achieved this goal by acquiring more than 9 million customers since it launched in 2017.

Crypto.com entered the cryptocurrency market in 2016 and has since become among the top popular exchanges with more than 10 million customers.

The Hong Kong-based exchange can be used in more than 90 countries across the globe. Crypto.com is well-known for having very competitive fees for trading and a simple account setup.

KuCoin vs. Crypto.com: Exchange Comparison

Fiat currencies accepted

Kucoin: More than 50 fiat currencies are accepted, including USD, EUR, AUD, and more.

Crypto.com offers 20+ fiat currencies accepted, including USD, EUR, AUD, and more.

Cryptocurrencies accepted

KuCoin is 370+ currencies accepted, including BTC, ETH, DOGE, and many others.

Crypto.com There are more than 150 different currencies accepted, including BTC, ADA, DOT, and many more.

KuCoin vs. Crypto.com Fees

KuCoin provides low fees for trading at the base rate of .1 percent. Plus, you’ll enjoy a 20% discount on fees for trading when you use the native token, KCS, to pay your charges.

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Crypto.com’s trading charges aren’t too expensive; however, they could be expensive compared to KuCoin’s. The trading costs are .4 percent and can rise to 2.99 percent if you use a credit or debit card to purchase. You can cut down on costs by staking your native currency. But, many users have complained that the discount on trading fees on Crypto.com is challenging to comprehend.

Deposit Methods

KuCoin has made depositing easier thanks to their latest release of their KuCoin Fiat Account. You can now transfer and deposit more than 50 fiat currencies without charges. Additionally, they allow customers to buy instantly with Papal debit card, credit card, and Apple Pay.

Crypto.com offers a few different deposit methods, but not as many as KuCoin. If you want to fund your account with Crypto.com, it is possible to do it through PaPal, Crypto.com Pay, debit or credit card, or bank transfer.

Staking on KuCoin vs. Crypto.com

If you’re not confident what staking means and how it can help you earn interest on the cryptocurrency you own by locking them into some time. It’s a bit more complicated than that, with various exchanges offering different advantages to staking their native currency.

KuCoin is a pioneer in the field of staking. This year, they announced Soft Staking. Soft staking allows you to earn rewards for staking without having to lock your funds.

Crypto.com allows you to put a variety of currencies on its exchange. However, it primarily encourages its customers to invest in its native currency CRO. If you stake CRO, you’ll earn lower fees for trading, higher stake interest rates, and reward points for credit cards. The issue is that many people believe that Crypto.com is pushing their users to stake CRO extensively, which makes the exchange less than satisfactory even if you do not invest in the coin’s native currency. Crypto.com encourages its customers to stake CRO extensively, making the exchange less than satisfactory when you aren’t the native currency.

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Notable Features

Kucoin Vs. Crypto.Com, Kucoin is a well-known exchange because they provide a large selection of coins for you to choose from, including over 370 digital assets. KuCoin also includes the trading Bot. You can modify the parameters and rules of your trading Bot and let it perform trades on your behalf and let you earn a profit on the crypto market while you sleep or at work.

Crypto.com is among the few exchanges which don’t have a web or desktop application. Instead, Crypto.com relies solely on its Android and iOS applications. As they’ve streamlined their mobile app, It has an attractive and simple-to-use appearance. Its only drawback is that it cannot provide the same level of data to traders who are experienced as other desktop applications do. Crypto.com’s most prominent feature is its customers’ many benefits for trading CRO, including lower fees for trading.

Security Features

KuCoin has always taken pride in the security of its assets at a bank-level and has achieved this by implementing various security measures its customers can use. Security measures that are included include micro-draw wallets as well as the dynamic authentication of multiple factors.

Crypto.com provides the security features you’d expect from a trading platform, like two-factor authentication, for instance, and the right to prioritize cold storage. It is. However, Crypto.com is unique in offering insurance for all your online assets, in the unlikely scenario that hackers would steal their data. Crypto.com has partnered with U.S. banks to provide $250,000 worth of FDIC insurance. The disadvantage of Crypto.com’s insurance plan is that it can only be applied to U.S. deposits.

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Customer Service

KuCoin’s customer support is bound since they do not offer live chat assistance. If you need assistance, you’ll need to contact the support department and await a response.

Crypto.com isn’t doing very well concerning customer service also. If you read the Crypto.com review, you will see that they rank pretty poorly on customer satisfaction because of their unprofessional customer service. The support team at Crypto.com is notoriously slow to respond and offers only minimal assistance.

Mobile functionality/mobile app

KuCoin is among the few exchanges that offer an outstanding desktop app and a great mobile application. The iOS or Android mobile apps allow users to access some of KuCoin’s essential features while on the move. KuCoin’s application has a fantastic 4.5-star review on the Google Play store with over 13,000 reviews.

Crypto.com is among the top mobile applications of all exchanges for crypto in terms of design quality. But, some complain that visually pleasing charts look tremendous but lack sophisticated data for experienced crypto investors. Crypto.com is strange as it doesn’t offer an app for desktop or web alternative for its users. Crypto.com has a 4.3-star rating and has more than 67,000 reviews on the App Store.


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