It Could Be The End To Sharing Netflix Passwords

Netflix Sharing Passwords – Netflix is aware that you’ve shared your password. Shortly, you could be required to pay for this privilege.

In the last few years, Netflix (NFLX) has been looking for methods to “enable people who share their home to share conveniently and securely, and still paying a little extra,” the company said in a blog post posted on Wednesday.

In the course of this initiative, in the next two weeks, Netflix will launch two trial features available in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru, known as “Extra Member” and “Profile Transfer.”

With “Extra Member,” subscribers to Netflix’s premium or standard plans can purchase accounts for up to two other people who they do not reside with.

The “extra” subscribers will enjoy access to the same features as any other Netflix account with their own login and profile. However, at a reduced cost of 2,380 CLP in Chile, 2.99 USD in Costa Rica, and 7.9 PEN in Peru. According to a company spokesperson, Netflix will not consider these memberships as part of the total number of paid subscribers.

In addition, apart, there is a “Profile Transfer” option that lets users of any class transfer their personal information, including the watch history, to a new account they’d be required to pay for.

Netflix started its blog with features such as distinct profiles and multiple streams on the premium. Standard plans were designed for those living together. Still, they’ve “created some confusion over the best time and method by which Netflix could be distributed. In the end, accounts are being shared among households, affecting our capacity to invest in new films and TV for our customers.”

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The test is only at present, but Netflix stated that it is bringing the features to three countries to see the effectiveness of these features before possibly releasing them to other countries.

Netflix has, throughout its existence, ignoring the sharing of passwords. However, now that the company is providing 222 million customers and competing with a competitive market, it’s pondering innovative ways to earn profits from premium content to gain new customers, keep the existing ones satisfied, and keep up with its competitors like Disney+.

Investors are worried about the slowing of growth. Netflix’s shares have been down by 41 percent in the past year. The company also issued an outlook on its subscriber base for January, which was less favorable than anticipated.



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