How Much Will Instagram Ads Cost You?

How much will it cost you to place an advertisement on Instagram?

Answer: The typical Instagram advertisements cost CPC is about $0.50 to $1.00.

It is more expensive to advertise in high-stakes industries, e.g. travel and fashion, since more companies are competing to get your customers’ attention. The cost of Instagram ads can go upwards of $3.50 per impression. Learn more in this article about the best ways to reduce your expenses.

When reading this post, you’re likely a marketer who wants to market on Instagram. The truth is that there’s no correct or incorrect answer to this query, as the cost of your Instagram advertising costs will be based on a variety of variables.

There are, however, some benchmarks to provide, at a minimum, some insight into Instagram advertising costs.

In this section of our complete Instagram Advertising Guide, we’ll look into the solutions to these questions:

What is the cost to promote on Instagram?

What is the process behind the Instagram advertising bidding process function?

How do you determine your Instagram ads budgets and bidding?

What is the best way to choose the most suitable way to optimize the delivery of your ads?

What’s the most effective way for you to ensure that your Instagram advertisement costs are down?

How Much Does it Cost to Advertise on Instagram?

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One of the biggest questions for marketers looking to invest in Instagram ads is the ROI. How much does an individual click or conversion cost on Instagram?

Let’s look at what the various resources suggest.

In analyzing Instagram advertising costs for 2018, AdEspresso found that the average cost-per-click for Instagram is approximately $0.80.

If you’re in the market for new information, here are the Facebook and Instagram costs of advertising from 2021, based on data from Revealbot.

how much instagram ads cost
how much instagram ads cost/pict:

Another essential metric to measure advertising costs that advertisers focus on is the CPM cost for every 1,000 viewers.

The month of March in 2021 was when the Instagram average CPM was in the range of $2 to $20.

As you can observe from the graph above that the Instagram advertisements cost can vary significantly based on your Facebook ad campaigns’ configuration.

For instance, there’s an array of Instagram CPC prices for various age categories.

The top CPC groupings are the 18-24, 35-44 and 25-34, which are the most lucrative age groups in Instagram marketing.

Furthermore, Facebook ads cost is more expensive for brands that target women. (This could also be because fewer men use Instagram, and you don’t receive as many clicks from men.)

One of the top questions for marketers looking to invest in Instagram ads is the ROI. How much does an individual click or conversion cost on Instagram?

In comparison with Facebook advertisements, Instagram ads tend to be at the top of the spectrum.

The analysis of AdEspresso’s 2016 report on hundreds of thousands of Facebook ads revealed that Instagram is typically the most expensive ad spot.

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While the cost-per-click of Facebook Mobile newsfeed ads averaged $0.35, the average CPC for Instagram Instagram was approximately $0.70.

Tips: When you think about your investment into Instagram marketing, consider what a conversion is worth and then ensure that your campaign will yield a profit.

Instagram Ads Have a High ROI

As per Forrester, Instagram ads have the highest engagement rate among all digital advertising placements. In some cases, you can be paying a little more than 1000 impressions or a click but still be the winner.

A report on marketing by Shopify discovered that Instagram users spend an average. Of $65 for each sale they refer. For comparison, Facebook users only spend $55, while Twitter users spend $46.26.

In addition, Instagram posts have a high conversion rate of 1.08 percent. Although it’s less than Facebook (1.85 percent), it is still higher than Twitter (0.77 percent) and Pinterest (0.54 percent).

Marketing on Instagram is so effective for brands that spending on the ad platform increases steadily.

As per eMarketer, Instagram ad sales are expected to reach 2.8bn in 2017.

How to Get Higher Instagram Ads ROI

Instagram makes up Facebook’s advertising network, so frequently, you’ll see the Instagram feed mixed with other ads. Instagram’s Instagram feed, along with different ads.

To maximize your campaign’s ROI, you should use Facebook’s auto placements feature (or some of the other options), and your Instagram reports to determine whether it’s a suitable spot to show your advertisements.

The cost of advertising on Instagram is less for B2C brands (companies that sell consumer goods).

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For B2B companies, Instagram ad costs can be more expensive since people aren’t on Instagram searching for business tools. Find out more about marketing your SaaS or B2B-related items on Facebook.


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