How Much Do Instagram Influencers Make?

How Much Do Instagram Influencers Make – It’s simple to make fun of your new acquaintance engaged in this Instagram activity; however, that does not stop the little voice in your head from asking, “Are they getting paid for this?” Then it’s followed by “I can hold a bottle of self-tanner and smile too – can I get paid as well?”

They are the influencers to that they are referred to by society. They have built an online empire by taking some semi-filtered photos using one hand while they are promoting the latest fashions using the other.

Their credibility is based on an increase in social engagement triggered when they build an influence, which is then paid with money, products, and sometimes even fame.

We’re putting these numbers to the test to determine how financially independent an individual can be from a couple of thousand likes. Also, how realistic the job is to accomplish.

It Pays to be Popular

As you climb the ladder of influencers, there are higher rates for posts when you have a more significant number of followers. This reasoning is based on the belief that the more eyes view the content, the higher the number of money brands will pay.

What determines what number one needs to be hit before these posts make money?


“Micro” influencers have anywhere from 6,000-to 10,000 followers. Contrary to the famous person who has amassed this number of followers via posting excellent content and other content, those behind these accounts are looking to increase the number of followers on their followers around a particular area of interest.

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Based on a recent study, the accounts of micro-influencers can earn an average of $88.00 per post. But, most micro-influencers put from charging upfront to ensure they have the chance first to establish more of a long-term, more vast audience.

As a hobby viewed as a passion, This level of followers will help you get your Instagram to handle on the list for future collaborations or sponsored posts with benefits for free.


At this stage of the game, companies are sending explicit messages directly to the accounts that have the same number of followers as every day, asking for endorsements to get freebies in return: Think designer-labeled clothes or monthly subscriptions geared towards well-being and fitness, and even a free meal from a restaurant who wants to be seen.

Sometimes, money will be able to come in. Still, most influencers aren’t keen on charging for services at this point because it might undermine their popularity.

For instance, one self-described “foodstagrammer” currently holds 72,000 followers. As hundreds of followers pour into each post, The account is awaiting to earn money for their work until they hit the 100,000 mark. This will be considered to be the “socially acceptable” marker.

It’s a not-so-familiar rule that influencers should anticipate receiving $10.00 per 1,000 followers after they have reached the 100,000 mark. Suppose they charge for posts before hitting this threshold. It could result in less money or even settling before the account has fully blossomed.

Influencers who have 50,000-80,000 followers can earn $200.00 per post. However, the cost varies based on the brand or advertiser.
Certain accounts sign deals with brands to publish promo codes on their feeds. Each time someone uses their code, they receive a share of the sales. Some accounts choose to participate in giveaways that only increase the number of followers.

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These middle-tier accounts continue to exist in the background or are working hard to transform their accounts into an actual job, and their followers are impressive.


The transition between 100,000 and a million followers is quite a challenge. It comes with no manual or rules to follow for what to post or the amount to charge.

Accounts like this (think 250,000-500,000 followers) have been able to tap into the power of Instagram influence, with potential profits of $670.00 per posting.

It doesn’t have to appear on their feed to bring money.

Accounts of this size have a variety of features that smaller handles cannot have access to, for instance, an account that is verified (blue checkmark) as well as an Instagram stories “swipe up” capability, which companies and brands can take advantage of these features to make more successful influencer-based ad campaigns.

If a page has more than one million fans, there’s a limit to what they can charge.

Time is Money

But it’s more than just taking aesthetically-pleasing photos and tagging brands. In addition, Instagram influencers require a loyal follower, but they also require those followers to be engaged with their posts.

A lot of middle-tier influencers are grouped into direct-message groups known as pods. They are made up of 15 other accounts trying to become significant.

According to the community of influencers, members in these groups share the latest posts every day, assuming that the rest of the world will interact with these accounts. Comments should contain not less than five sentences in length and include emojis to boost engagement.

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Participating (or opting not to participate) in such groups could affect the amount of money one can earn from their accounts.

1.) Stopping your day job to earn the income of an Instagram influencer is much easier to do than it sounds, as accounts require many followers before when they even begin to make an income.

2.) Instagram influencers with under 10,000 followers can earn, on average, $88.00 per posting. People with less than 100,000 followers are on average $200.00 for each post; however, these numbers vary depending on the account. Most accounts with this number are instead gifted with discounted products or freebies to post.

3.) Accounts with between 250,000 and 500,000 fans could generate a nice amount of cash by posting their account’s content for companies, a static image or a GIF-like video, or even an Instagram story. When an influencer reaches 1 million followers, we can believe that they’re earning a lot of money and are hard at work to keep the following.


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