Be Prepared For A Full Pink Moon To Be Shining The Whole Weekend

Full pink moon – The full moon of April will shine brightly in the sky for the duration of the weekend. And while it’s referred to as the pink moon but it’s not really the same color.

According to NASA, it is believed that the pink moon will be in full view from early Friday until Monday morning. It will reach its maximum in its capacity on April 16 between 2 and 2:55 p.m. ET.

The moon is linked to the springtime blooming season for the Phlox subulata plant.

It is a pink wildflower that is native to the eastern part of North America, according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac. Phlox subulata are often called creeping phlox, moss-phlox, or mountain phlox.

Native American names for April’s full moon were in homage to spring, According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac. The Dakota tribe called it the “moon in which the rivers are once again navigable.” In contrast, the Tlingit tribe called it the “budding moon of trees and plants” as a reference to the conclusion of the winter season and the return of the growth of plants.

According to NASA, this pink moon also falls in line with a variety of church festivals. It’s known as”the” Paschal moon within the Christian calendar of the ecclesiastical since it’s the full moon before Easter.

For Hindus, this moon is the time of Hanuman Jayanti, which is the festival in honor of the Hindu monkey god Lord Hanuman. The pink moon is known as Bak Poya for Buddhists, particularly those living in Sri Lanka. It commemorates Buddha’s trip to the country in which Buddha stopped conflict by settling a dispute between the chiefs.

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This year’s pink moon is not a supermoon as opposed to the two previous years. But, it is still a moon with its own legend. As per The Old Farmer’s Almanac, “A full moon in April can bring frost. If the new moon is pale, you can expect rain.

There is undoubtedly an opportunity for either frost or rain this weekend. There’s also a possibility that neither will happen,” stated meteorologist Judson Jones. “But in certain areas of the Midwest, there will be a freezing morning during the week and might make them wish for a light moon.”

Following the pink moon, eight full moons are yet to happen in 2022. Two moons that qualify as supermoons. Here’s a list of remaining moons of 2022 following the Almanac of Farmers.

  • May 16: Flower moon
  • June 14: Strawberry moon
  • July 13: Buck moon
  • August 11: Sturgeon moon
  • September 10: Harvest moon
  • October 9: Hunter’s moon
  • November 8: Beaver moon
  • December 7: Cold moon

Although these are popular names for the entire lunar moons, their significance can differ across Native American tribes.


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