Five Common Mistakes That New Bloggers Make

If you’re just entering the blogging world or you’ve been blogging for a few days and realize that things aren’t working out the way you’d like It’s well worthwhile to spend some time learning about the most common mistakes bloggers make.

They make errors that hinder their ability to appreciate what should be an enjoyable and satisfying experience: blogging!

The top five blogger errors that new bloggers make are:

  1. Dive in (rather than wading into)
  2. Unrealistic expectations
  3. Losing focus
  4. Plagiarizing
  5. Doing nothing to help the reader

Dive in!

Many bloggers are eager to begin that they jump into the water instead of stepping into it slowly. This is unwise in a foreign water body or pond. And it is a mistake to make when entering an unfamiliar arena like the blogosphere.’ Take note of these tips before you begin your blog:

Find a focal point on your blog

A topic that is reflective of the things you know as well as what interests you, and what you love writing and speaking about. There are no topics that are out of boundaries: religion, politics as well as sexual orientations, science, humor, exercise eating habits, illnesses etc. There are many other topics to consider..

Read numerous blogs. Note the colors, images and layouts to figure out what interests you. Be aware that some blogs have long, rambling posts while others are concise and concise . . . Some are simply fun and chatty. They do not have a particular reason to be made . . . This is also an individual style that you are able to select.

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You will require a hosting service for your blog. Some are free, others charge a fee per month for their services Some are easy to use while some require additional technical knowledge and some offer more options than others. Choose carefully. Once you’ve set up your blog and are able to attract some regular readers, you may not wish you to alter your URL (your URL).

You might or might not be able to include your full name for your blog, it depends on a number of aspects, not the most important that is what is your position on controversial topics and the way you would like to be recognized for your views.

Unrealistic expectations!

If you start a blog hoping for instant results, an enormous readership and a lot of positive comments, you could be disappointed. There are thousands of blogs competing for the same readers. Tenacity and patience are crucial for your part.

If you’re good at writing discover a niche, come up with appealing titles for your articles and consistently advertise your blog, the readers and the comments (some of which are positive) will be there.

Losing focus!

When you first started your blog, you were motivated by a specific reason starting a blog. It could be to voice your thoughts on a subject or to simply communicate with a group of close acquaintances about your day-to-day routine.

Visitors will visit your site for the very first time, and may be interested in the subject or not. They’ll either be awed by what you’ve got going on. Moreover If they are impressed by your blog’s subject matter and style, they might leave a comment and return afterward. Once you’ve identified a theme and tone for your blog, you’re free to modify the subject matter, but in doing that, you’re basically starting over again.

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It is possible to have multiple blogs with each blog devoted to a specific subject and can be operated under a different domain.


There are some amazing bloggers around and when you browse through blogs, you may find one that has said something truly well, or something that resonated with you and is something you’d like to incorporate into your blog.

Do not copy and paste the words of someone else on your blog, without crediting them by making it appear to others as if that the words belong to you. If you wrote it, create it with your own words, and then write it more clearly, including personal thoughts, ideas and emotions and be kind and mention the source of the idea and include an URL.

We are ignoring the reader!

A portion of readers who visit your blog may make comments. Some readers will be in agreement with your views and some may appreciate your thoughts, however the majority will take a position you’ve made, and critique the idea.

Commentaries are posted on other blogs because they write their own blogs to share ideas and to express their point of opinions. Always respond to your reader’s comments. Thank them for making the effort to leave a comment (even those who are harsh critics) and then , if appropriate to their post. If you don’t respond to your comments, your readers might end up not reading your blog.


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