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Why is the speed of web hosting important? Core web vitals will shortly be used in Google’s criteria for ranking. It is based on three distinct aspects of user experience – Largest Contentful Paint, the First Input Delay, and Cumulative Layout shift.

That is to say, visitors aren’t going to leave your site if it is slow to load. In fact, it could be ranked lower in comparison to websites that load faster!

This is why you shouldn’t be just looking at hosting cheap services. You may save in costs, but you’ll lose thousands of sales opportunities that you don’t take advantage of.

Since the Google speed upgrade was made public, everybody has been claiming to offer the most efficient web hosting service, with the most rapid response times.

Google declared Page speed to be one of its primary search engine optimization ranking elements. Google is determined to enhance its user experience on the internet. Speedy loading websites will help as they have found that 40% of people would wait less than 3 seconds to leave the page.

A mere one-second delay in loading time could result in an increase of 9% in conversion rates.

Website speed is affected by a variety of aspects like:

Hosting Speed server location, DNS Lookup Connect, Redirects Time TLS Connect TFB, Time To First Byte (TTFB) Total time, page size, download speed, Programming language CMS Optimization of code server cache as well as WordPress theme.

However, only one solution can increase the speed of your website by more than 75% simply by choosing the fastest web hosting service for your site.

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This is why it’s vital to choose the most efficient web hosting.

The Fastest Website Hosting Services – Tested in Real Server Speed Testing

These statistics show us the hosts that had similar results across locations worldwide.

Hostinger – global average 136 ms

Suppose you’re just beginning to learn about the world of online business and want to learn more. In that case, you should note this because you’ll be interested in reading about Hostinger.

Hostinger has steadily grown in popularity thanks to its optimum balance of hosting. This means that it provides robust hosting options at low costs.

This American server is incredibly speedy, delivering a worldwide average of 136 milliseconds. Requests coming from far distant locations such as Singapore, Sydney, and Bangalore seem to have slightly slower response times, but that’s why Hostinger has created numerous data centers across the globe to ensure your website is always up and running regardless of where your clients are.

SiteGround – Global Average 136.9 Ms

SiteGround is WordPress approved (it’s quite a huge deal, you guys! ). This sort of honor is only available to hosts that meet the strict requirements of WordPress.

We prefer their entry-level GrowBig Plan. It’s a steal with only $7.99 per month but loaded with features and benefits. You can enjoy the priority service, SuperCacher Automated Daily Backups, and Free restores.

There are 10 data centers scattered across four continents, and they’re all making use of Google Cloud Platform. Google Cloud Platform! Select one closest to your user to maximize their site load speed.

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Speed-wise, SiteGround is ranked A+ with an overall average of 136.9 milliseconds.

Bluehost – global average 153 ms

Bluehost has a 16 years of experience as a hosting web service, one of the most well-known companies.

Like SiteGround and SiteGround, they’re also highly recommended by WordPress because of their commitment to their infrastructure and their excellent support staff that is available 24/7.

Speeds are pretty good as well! They’ve got an A+, with a global average of 153 milliseconds.

The pings coming from the US were excellent at less than 80 milliseconds. Still, results from other countries were slower, with a drop to 300 milliseconds in India.

However, if you’re planning to market to India regardless, you could consider hosting your website in the India data center.

DreamHost – global average 118.4 ms

DreamHost is one of the most famous names when it comes to the most renowned web-hosting providers. Since their inception by the company in 1997, they’ve been an extremely reliable web host. They are still among the few hosting companies that are legally WordPress-approved.

The confidence shown by WordPress is even more logical when you look at DreamHost’s speed and performance. They’ve made a significant investment in improving their servers and have speedy responses to prove it!

DreamHost stores all your data on SSDs they are double more efficient than HDDs. Furthermore, they are WordPress-optimized, which means they can run WordPress as if it were.

GreenGeeks – Global Average 118.6 milliseconds

They’ve got everything you need to be an outstanding web hosting service.

Solid, reliable data centers, a strong support staff, cutting-edge technologies, including Git compatible and CloudFlare integration, which is working.

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What makes them unique is not how they can make things run faster (that’s already a standard). It’s the way they work in conjunction with their company. GreenGeeks contributes to the environment by investing three times every amp they consume into renewable energy!

Your website will make the world a better place by hosting your website using GreenGeeks literally!

With a global average of 118.6 milliseconds, they’re rated A+, more than Google’s recommended reaction speed and one of our best three hosts. However, their data centers are located only in Amsterdam, the US, Canada, and Amsterdam. If you’re looking at Asia and Europe, you may not be able to enjoy the speed they offer at their peak.

Note that all of the websites listed here are top-quality and have been rated A+, which means you’re basically guaranteed to be satisfied using any of them. We’ve put them in order of our preferences; however, you are free to choose your own!


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