How Do Domain Names Effect SEO Ranking

Domains are term that indicates IP addresses in the internet. A domain like corresponds to around 15 (15) IP addresses. Domain names serve for identification of Web pages. For example, in the URL, the domain name is

The domain name is registered through registering with an registrar of domain name services. The domain name market is regulated and monitored by ICANN the organisation that is responsible for establishing the standards and procedures to certify businesses to be domain name registration companies.

How long does your site’s domain name registration impact the results of search engine optimization?

Do you need to extend your registration for a longer length of time? If yes then how long will be enough? If you’d like to keep ahead of your competitors and stay ahead of the curve, you should take a look at the time the competitors registered domains.

If they have registered their domains every 2 or 3 years, you may want to consider registration of your domain name for five to 10 years. While delaying the date that your domain name expires may help your search engine ranking but keep in mind that this could be just a an insignificant win in terms of the search engine results.

It is a good idea to register a domain at minimum 3 years. It is not a good idea to have to deal annually with the hassle of renewing them each year. It’s better to purchase the domain names you would like to keep for some time and then renew them according to the 3 or 5 year timeframe.

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Do not wait for your domain to expires

In the event that your domain’s name is due to expire it’s likely that someone will sign up for your domain immediately after it expires. If, for any reason, you fail to renewal your domain, anyone looking at a watch list of expired domain names is likely to try to make money from your online business you’ve developed over the years.

They are aware of the potential traffic on websites they could obtain by renewing your old domain. If you renew your domain for a period of time the domain name will not expire for long and it isn’t available to buyers of expired domain names.

If you’re looking to keep ahead of the market, think about registering or renewing your domain name for a period of 100 years. At present, Network Solutions ( is the sole registrar that offers 100-year options that costs $999.00. GoDaddy ( is currently has the option renewal or registration of the domain name for 10 years with a price that is $6.95 each year.

Yes, you could lose crucial position on search engines if your don’t renew your domain’s registration at the right time. You might have to start the SEO process over!


Simple Tips to Keep Your Blog Up to Date

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