Blogs On Free Hosts Are Not A Good Idea

This post is about blogging and the reason why you shouldn’t blog on a hosting service that is free such as or This article is written to warn people who have blogs built on free blogs hosts like and

WordPress is free to install and provides you with complete authority over the blog. There are other platforms such as moving type that you can choose from too.

Explore the options and choose the one you like , or the one that best suits your style of blogging.

I’ve learned a pricey lesson, and I’m now only going to create blogs using personal domains.

Here are the reason why?

There is a new, infected spambot that is out of control. Go to the blogger help forums for the most horrific stories. The legitimate blogs are being taken down and people are being blocked from their blogs until they are reviewed and deemed to be spammers due to or the bot identified the blog or somebody clicked the tiny flag button that is at the top of every blogger blog.

In addition, bloggers are constantly experiencing issues with their publishing being stuck at the 0% mark, slow loading times and so on. It makes blogging on an unreliable experience at best, and your blog’s reasons for blogging is dependent on another’s opinion of what is and isn’t legitimate.

I can understand the need to get rid of spammers and splogs however in’s case , the treatment is even more destructive than the problem. There was no way to do it the way. I’ve been on Blogger for a while and it was great.

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In the case of is concerned, they’re exactly the same. If your blog is linked to a site and appears as if it’s encouraging people to visit the website, they can shut down your account without notice and block your access to all material.

I’m not certain what the bloggers think blogs serve however, they appear to believe they serve an important purpose in the world and they are the only ones to decide what constitutes an “genuine blog” or not.

“A “genuine blog” is one that is owned by the person who writes to it, and not one that has to conform to the guidelines of someone else’s on how their website should appear or what it should be saying.

If you are blogging on freehosts, make sure you are aware that the content and blog are at the mercy of other users who decide for you whether your blog is appropriate to be read by other people.

I would recommend that bloggers obtain their own domain names and set up your own blog. You’ve probably heard that using a freehosting site for your website’s domain is not good for business, so why should your blog be on a freehosting site?

This is also true for people. Blogs let you be yourself in the way that you would like to be. This is the great thing about blogging. Do you want to give up your own individuality in order to be a part of the way or believes is an “genuine” method of expressing your personality?

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A lot of times, the person who determines your fate is one who has never held any authority over others and thinks that they hold Godlike abilities to determine the fate of the content written by other people. They are the ones who create no valuable content their own and who believe they have the best idea for the people around them.

Find your own domain and set up a blog platform that is suitable for your needs. This is the most valuable advice you can get regarding blogging. The blog is only yours when it’s on your own domain. All other content is simply information for another person.


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