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The decision I made to use WordPress and not with any of the other major blogging platforms, like Blogger was based on all to do with having full control over my website. Because I host the site through Powweb I was able to discover that my hosting company offers more than thirty software downloads to its customers.

WordPress and a few other blogging organizations are represented, however I chose WordPress due to the suggestion of a friend.

Within about two or three minutes after my download I had WordPress up and running. In less than 30 minutes, I was able to create the layout I had in mind but I decided to keep the old template since I knew I wanted to focus on the content first, and then to work on the design later.

After that, I updated my links on two websites to show the “Blog” page. Additionally, I chose some spots within each site to announce new blogs . I also emailed all my members to let them know of my entry into the blog world.

If you decide to choose WordPress as your blogging platform, you’ll be aware that Version 5.9.2 was released recently. Since I’m brand just starting out with blogging, I’ve not upgraded from the version I downloaded.

I’m trying to ensure there is no issue that WordPress has worked out any bugs that might be present in the new version. Additionally it is possible that not all plug-ins that you can install (there are many of them) can be used with 5.9.2 as of yet. Many are, but a few remain unsupported.

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Beyond the issues with updating In addition to the issues with updating, I love having an administrative “dashboard” that lets me create every blog. Since I use pictures on the blog I have, Jet Movements, I must also ensure there is a HTML I employ to place every picture there (alignment) is precise. Word Press allows for you to do this.

Furthermore, I love it that Word Press allows administrators to plan their posts. You can write a blog today but you can schedule your blog entry to go live at a specific time days later. Because a lot of my writing inspiration arrives in a jumble, I typically take on a number of days of posts at once, and then spread them over the next week. If I’d like to alter the date of an entry, or even squeeze into a different one it’s possible as well.

Word Press is current with modern web standards and looks more professional and cleaner than its rivals. You can switch the template into one from Word Press’s arsenal. Word Press arsenal or design the template yourself and add it to your website instead.

Absolutely, Word Press is designed to be installed through your web hosting provider However, if have a website or a web host, you can register an account for free through Web Press and they will manage it for you.

While Word Press is an “open source” community, which means it is built on and driven by volunteer contributors, they also have an active forum, as well as useful links to help you in the process of creating and managing your own blog.

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Naturally I am a happy WordPress customer. You can also be a happy blogger, too, whether you choose Word Press through your web hosting provider or manage your blog directly through them directly.


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