5 Best Nonprofit Website Hosting

Which website hosts enable you to get the most benefit from your site for nonprofit organizations?

Things such as budget, features, and the degree of support required to play an essential role in deciding the exemplary hosting service.

This is why we’ve conducted deep research on the top website hosts specifically related to nonprofit websites, with particular attention to any offered nonprofit discounts.

Web Hosting for Nonprofit Organizations: 5 Top Providers

  1. InMotion Best overall nonprofit hosting service.
  2. A2 Hosting – The best price for the cost.
  3. DreamHost – The best free hosting service
  4. IPage is great to be cheap and straightforward.
  5. HostGator is the best choice for those who want to expand their business.

InMotion ranks as our highest-rated website hosting service for nonprofit organizations, providing the perfect balance of price and features. DreamHost, however, is the sole top-rated nonprofit that offers free shared hosting for nonprofit organizations.

Each service offers advantages and disadvantages, which comes down to what you’re searching for.

We will review each of the providers in detail as we show how they stack up to each other and offer you the best recommendation.

Of course, there are many other features to take into consideration. However, they all differ following the hosting you’re looking for.

If you are looking for shared hosting, you can find different limits to the resources that come with VPS hosting.

Confused? Take a look at our shared hosting guide versus the VPS hosting guide to understand the differences and types of hosting you should choose.

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Let’s examine our five top providers in greater detail.

1. InMotion

Best Nonprofit Hosting Provider Overall

InMotion is among our top hosting providers with the added benefit of a discounted rate for nonprofit organizations making it an eminent winner of the title of ‘best overall hosting service for nonprofits.’

With InMotion, you can pick an affordable shared hosting plan for as low as $3.99/month when you sign up for a deal for two years.

The monthly cost of InMotion’s shared hosting services is $7.49, between $22.99. However, if you plan to process lots of donations, it is recommended to upgrade to VPS hosting.

Suppose you intend to process lots of donations and want to upgrade into VPS hosting. InMotion provides the most reliable VPS hosting service of any provider and offers stepped security features to ensure that you and your pledge data are secure. The plans for VPS hosting starting at $34.99/month up to $159.99/month.

InMotion’s pricing is already affordable, but they have an additional benefit that nonprofits can ask for a reduction by getting in contact with InMotion directly.

2. A2 Hosting

The Best Value for the Money

A2 is an excellent product at a reasonable price, including an additional discount for nonprofit organizations.

A2 offers discounted rates to accredited, US-based nonprofits. To be eligible, you’ll have to prove that you are a nonprofit by submitting A2 and the appropriate documents.

Since the discounts are on a case-by-case basis, it’s impossible to provide an exact figure. The shared hosting plans vary between $7.99/month to $18.99/month, and you could be sure to cut at most a few dollars off each month.

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According to our analysis, A2’s main strengths lie in its maintained WordPress hosting plan. Plans begin at $24.46/month. It’s well worth to look into when you have a custom WordPress website.

3. Dreamhost

Best Shared Hosting for Free

DreamHost is the top-rated company that provides free web hosting shared to nonprofit organizations.

The goal of most nonprofit organizations is to be able to host their websites free of cost… And these sleepy dreams are being fulfilled by DreamHost.

Any nonprofit in the US can avail of one shared hosting package (including hosting for email) for no cost at all. There is no requirement to give credit card information!

Special discounts for hosted WordPress hosting plans are offered, and DreamHost is offering DreamHost, providing nonprofits with 35% off their basic plans.

They are priced between $16.95/month up to $71.95/month, which means that, with discounts, you can host your WordPress website for as low as $11 per month.

4. iPage

Inexpensive and straightforward Web Hosting

iPage does not offer a nonprofit discount, but with promo pricing starting at $1.99/month, it’s unlikely that you’ll overlook it.

IPage’s “core offer” offers a shared hosting service that you can avail of for only $1.99/month; however, only if you subscribe for a three-year contract immediately.

When the promotional period is completed, the price will increase to $7.99 (a similar price to the competitors).

There’s no additional discount for nonprofits, which seems fair given that the costs are low.

5. HostGator

Ideal for Scalability

Where iPage does not do well in terms of scalability with only one option, HostGator excels; if you’re looking to plan massive-scale campaigns with fast growth, HostGator is ideal.

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Like other hosting companies, HostGator offers promotional prices for its initial term. You can begin your journey on HostGator’s shared Starter plan for just $2.75/month. HostGator hosted a Starter plan for only $2.75/month and then renewed it at $6.95/month, one of the cheapest renewal rates available.

If you’re looking to change to shared hosting, HostGator provides a complete variety of plans, including the full dedicated server plans that renew at $199.01/month. It is ideal for traffic-intensive websites.

Humanity is what brings us together. Be sure that you don’t get let down by the host to aid the most people you can. Your mission is critical, so ensure it’s a success!


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