10 Tips to Enhance Your Blog’s Pageviews

Through Google Adsense or Yahoo Publisher having visitors click through more pages can increase your revenues enormously. But how do you encourage users to go through more than one webpage when they visit your site? Here are some tips.

1. Create pages on your blog that have references to the material you use often in your blog posts.

To Enhance Your Blog’s Pageviews, These static pages also be indexes and crawled by search engines. When you write articles on your subjects, you may refer readers to these pages to provide references to the topic you write about.

2. Make use of the articles to create static web pages.

It is possible to reprint articles on any subject for no cost by using one of the article directories. You can then refer readers to the articles related to the blog post you’re creating. It is possible to add an article as a separate page each time you create an article.

3. Use the same format to reference other posts that you’ve posted either on your website or another blog when writing.

This will encourage readers to visit your previous posts. You can also decide on your posts by going through your past posts and then deciding which ones to expand on. The archives will not be lost or forgotten. It’s an excellent resource To Enhance Your Blog’s Pageviews (you did it correctly?) Use it.

4. Create a page linking to your most popular posts that have been around for a long time.

Browse through your archives, locate articles you want your readers to easily find and then create a links page that has those posts directly linked. You can then add a link this page from your main page. It can be called favorites posts or whatever, and you’ll gain from the people who click on and visit the hyperlinks.

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5. I’ve written before on this “more” tag.

The post is written in the normal way, and then you decide which page you’d like to split the post on a different page. Then, you put the tag on the page and users have to navigate to a new page in order to view the remainder part of your story.

6. Write once a week on special projects.

To Enhance Your Blog’s Pageviews, They are a series of articles that cover specific topics. The series will be offered every week and give readers a week to make comments on the topic, and then keep readers coming back for next week’s special article of the same series. Each time , add the links to previous posts from the series.

7. Utilizing your content from other blogs or websites can be a fantastic way to increase pageviews on each.

Utilize the new target tag to refer to content from your other blogs and websites. This will open a brand new window that will leave the blog running while readers browse your other site or blog. You can easily double your pageviews and also introduce your readers to blogs and other websites.

8. Write an inventory of your previous posts as well as the URLs to the posts.

Write a post on your blog on 10 things you’d like your readers to be aware of and read if they’ve never done it before. If you suggest it, they’ll at a minimum check to see whether they’ve read the articles before, thus increasing the number of page views you get, and giving old material to readers who are new. This also informs them that they need to search the archives for anything they’ve missed.

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9. With the same list of posts or an entirely new one, go to other blogs that are related to your topic.

Find articles that cover something similar to one of the 10 posts. Instead linking to your signature on the home page, you can leave comments on the blog and refer to the article which is similar to the one you have found and offers useful information to the blogger and their followers. Also, you’ll increase your links’ popularity by doing this. Be sure not to use the link to spam your friends. Check to ensure that it is valuable information. Beware of spammers or trolls and you’ll get new readers and more page visits to your website.

10. Keep on being imaginative.

Make use of the advice in this article and create your own methods of linking your blog posts. Create pages. Do not just publish and then go away. Your content is valuable, make use of it. Make sure that people don’t browse your blog. They’re busy and lazy. Let them know about it. That’s just great customer service.

I hope this article To Enhance Your Blog’s Pageviews, can help you understand that there’s more to blogging than writing posts every occasionally or every day.

If you incorporate the suggestions I’ve provided into your blog, I can assure you that you’ll increase the number of pageviews. This will increase the amount of money you earn if you employ an advertising program on your blog.


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